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Everyone needs a passion in life

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was perplexed about what to write about. The reason he was so amused by this is I have never been known to be quiet, about anything. In fact several people I work with would tease me about my text messages calling them mini novels. But this really stumped me and I have tried to avoid in every way possible even doing this. I asked, what do I blog about, the answer was anything. This was not the answer I was looking for, I was more lost than ever. So, I thought about one thing I have been passionate about almost my entire life. There is nothing so beautiful as naturally occurring gemstones, full of brilliance, shine, and come in every conceivable color possible. It is hard to wrap my brain around the fact that through millions of years of heat, pressure and a stunning variety of conditions planet earth has given us these magnificent creations. Granted, once discovered most gemstones need a little help from man to become what we see today. The most popular gemstone in the US is the topaz, predominantly found in Brazil, and usually colorless. To achieve the stunning array of colors this is where man comes into play. One of the most expensive and most popular is the London Blue Topaz. To achieve this color of a Mediterranean Sea, the stones actually are put in a nuclear reactor. At the end of this process, the stones must lie dormant for a minimum of two years, as the stones are hot, literally. This process is government regulated to prevent radioactive stones being released to the public. This delay in being able to set the stones sooner causes the price to be higher than just about any other Topaz except the Imperial topaz from Brazil. Jewelers know there is never a problem selling the London Blue as they are the most beautiful blue Topaz today, and whether set in yellow or white gold, as a solitaire or even with accent stones, they make a stunning piece of jewelry.

While we are on the subject of jewelry, come by the store to see out collection of gemstone jewelry, with the best prices you will find anywhere. You may want to bring in some pieces you do not wear anymore, we will buy your precious metals and at the same time browse our showroom to see what we have to offer.

Tomorrow, Tanzanite

The History Of Houston

The History Of Houston

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The Early 1900’s

On September 8–9, the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 savagely tore apart the city of Galveston, Texas. After the incident, investors were afraid of its location, and invested in Houston instead. The oil discovery at SpindleTop in Beaumont, Texas in 1901 prompted a new industry to be developed in Texas; the oil trade would transform Houston, the railroad hub of east Texas, from a smaller town into a large city


On May 30, 1922, George Hermann, a millionaire, donated land to the city that later became the Herman Park. September of the same year saw the start of the Houston Zoo. The zoo was started when Houston school children bought two ostriches. The zoo was later moved from Sam Houston Park to Hermann Park. September 26 saw the first international-bound ship in the port. During the Roaring Twenties, more specifically 1927, the state highway to Houston was built. Bus and truck operations also fell into swing. Houston Junior College opened its doors that same year, which later became the University of Houston. August 1929 saw the first Sears into Houston. Then Black Tuesday threw a devastating blow to the economy of the entire United States. Houston’s growth was much smaller, but the city still grew. Mexican Americans no longer found it as easy to obtain jobs, yet several were successful by catering to the Anglo market in the city.


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo came in 1932. In 1934, Houston Junior College became a four-year institution and changed its name to the University of Houston. A flood in 1935 suddenly turned conditions for the worst, and Houstonians were forced to clean up the mess. Air service by Braniff Airways  and Eastern Airlines came in 1935 and 1936. By the end of the decade, Houston was encountering growth pains, as the city had inadequate air service and that it was no longer a frontier town. Houston became the largest city in Texas in terms of population in 1939. Many immigrants and African Americans from Louisiana and other parts of Texas moved to the city to find education or work.

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n 1940, Houston was a city of 400,000 population dependent on shipping and oil. The war dramatically expanded the city’s economic base, thanks to massive federal spending. Energetic entrepreneurs, most notably George Brown, James Elkins and James Abercrombie, landed hundreds of millions of dollars in federal wartime investment in technologically complex facilities. Houston oil companies moved from being mere refiners and became sophisticated producers of petrochemicals. Especially important were synthetic rubber and high octane fuel, which retained their importance after the war, The war moved the natural gas industry from a minor factor to a major energy source; Houston became a major hub when a local firm purchased the federally-financed Inch pipelines. Other major growth industries included steel, munitions, and shipbuilding. Tens of thousands of new migrants streamed in from rural areas, straining the city’s housing supply and the city’s ability to provide local transit and schools. For the first time high paying jobs went to large numbers of women, blacks and Mexican Americans.


Texas Medical Center became operational in the 1950s. The Galveston Freeway and the International Terminal at Houston International Airport (nowadays Hobby Airport) were signs of increasing wealth in the area. Millions of dollars were spent replacing aging infrastructure. In 1951, the Texas Childrens Hospital and the Shriner’s Hospital were built. Existing hospitals had expansions being completed. July 1, 1952 was the date of Houston’s first network television.


In the year 1960, Houston International Airport was deemed inadequate for the needs of the city. This airport could not be expanded, so Houston Intercontinental Airport (now GBIA) was built north of the city. September 1961 saw Hurricane , a very destructive hurricane, hit the city. On July 4, 1962, NASA opened the Manned Spacecraft Center in southeast Houston in the Clear Lake area, now the LBJ Space Center. This would bring many jobs to the Houston, especially the Clear Lake area.

1970s and integration

In the 1970s, the Chineese- American community in Houston, which had been relatively small, started growing at a rapid rate.

The Sharpstown scandal, which concerned government bribes involving real estate developer Frank Sharp (neighborhood of Sharpstown is named after him) occurred in 1970 and 1971.

One Shell Plaza and Two Shell Plaza were completed in 1971. One Shell Plaza was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.

Skyline in 1971 after completion of One Shell Plaza

Because the Houston Independent School District was slow to desegregate public schools, on June 1, 1970, the Federal officials struck the HISD plan down and forced it to adopt zoning laws. This was 16 years after the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, which determined that segregated schools were inherently unequal. Racial tensions over integration of the schools continued. Some Hispanic Americans felt they were being discriminated against when they were being put with only African-Americans as part of the desegregation plan, so many took their children out of the schools and put them in huelgas, or protest schools, until a ruling in 1973 satisfied their demands.

2000 to present-day

The city’s major sports teams were using outdated stadiums and threatened to leave. Eventually, the Houston Oilers did so after several threats. The city built Enron Field, now Minute Maid Park for the Houston AstrosReliant Stadium was erected for the NFL expansion team Houston Texans.[citation needed]

Tropical Storm Allison devastated many neighborhoods as well as interrupted all services within the Texas medical center for several months with flooding in June 2001. At least 17 people were killed around the Houston area when the rainfall from Allison that fell on June 8 and 9 caused the city’s bayous to rise over their banks.[14] In October 2001 Enron, a Houston-based energy company, got caught in accounting scandals, ultimately leading to collapse of the company and its accounting firm Arthur Andersen, and the arrest and imprisonment of several executives. In 2002, the University of Houston celebrated its 75th anniversary with an enrollment of 34,443 that fall semester. At the same time, the University of Houston Systemcelebrated its 25th anniversary with a total enrollment of over 54,000. The new international Terminal E at George Bush Intercontinental Airportopened with 30 gates in 2003. The Toyota Center, the arena for the Houston Rockets opened in fall 2003. METRO put in light rail service on January 1, 2004. Voters have decided by a close margin (52% Yes to 48% No) that METRO’s light rail shall be expanded. In 2004, Houston unveiled the first Mahatma Gandhi statue in the state of Texas at Hermann Park. In the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, about 200,000 New Orleansresidents resettled in Houston. Six Flags Astroworld, Houston’s only large theme park, closed in 2005. Houston’s Indian American Community were cheerful after 10 years, in 2010, when the Hillcroft and Harwin area were renamed Mahatma Gandhi District in honor of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as that area is the center of Indian commerce.[15]

In January 2010, Annise Parker became the first openly gay mayor of a large American city upon her inauguration as Houston’s mayor.

So now that you have gotten the History of one of the largest cities in the world, take a few minutes out and clean out that old jewelry box. Bring me all of your old or broken gold and silver even platinum. I guarantee to pay you top dollar. We also pride ourselves on price matching. Let me pay for your next family event.

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National Nude Day

National Nude Day


July 14th… If you didn’t know, today is National Nude Day. So take something off and enjoy the day!!

National Nude Day is a serious event. There are a sizable number of nudist groups around the world. They are not perverts. Rather, Nudists believe that the body is a beautiful thing, and meant to be displayed. Nudist colonies, nude beaches, and other venues exist to cater to the preferences of individuals who seek to walk around “au natural”.

We will not speak to whether this is right or wrong. We simply desire to make you aware of all of this holiday. Snicker if you will. But, please don’t put the “sleeze” into this holiday.

The Origin of National Nude Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. This holiday appears to have originated in New Zealand.

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Although this is not a “National” day it is celebrated.

So before you start ripping off your clothes and running into public. Make sure you think about the possible consequences of celebrating 🙂 We will be here at GoldWiser all day waiting to give out CASH for your precious metals. Let us pay for you festivities by bringing in your old or broken jewelry.

We have stepped out of the box and have begun buying gift cards and merchandise cards as well. So clean out your wallet and clean out your jewelry box and come visit me!! I will be here until 7pm with our lights on!

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5 Habits Happy People Avoid!!!

We have all had those days where we feel “down in the dumps” or just can’t seem to shake that “depressed” feeling, but overall if you consider yourself “unhappy”, here are some habits you should avoid!



1. Comparing yourself to others! Every person has their own set of goals and things in life that make them happy! This is why YOU are unique! When you compare yourself to others, you automatically lose your sense of gratitude and are unappreciative for what you have and where you are. There will never be more room in your life for anything if you cannot appreciate what you already have! Remember, YOU have YOUR own goals in life and they may or may not align with someone else’s. On top of that, all that glitters isn’t gold, and you never know what happens behind closed doors. Just because that person seems to have it all, doesn’t mean that they really do!


2.Obsessing about how you look. Your body is just a shell for the real you — a temporary vessel carrying precious cargo. It deserves your love, care and respect — not your constant criticism. Start to change your attitude by really looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you love _________ about you. Pick your best features and enhance them! No one looks like the girl or guy on the cover of that magazine, that’s what photoshopping is for! There is always room to improve yourself, as in exercising to get back in shape, or enjoy a day at the spa for a pedi or mani. A different hairstyle or new hair color. Try something new just for fun or for a pick me up! No one will pamper you more than yourself. Enjoy your body and take care of it, but don’t obsess!



3. Judging others! Remember one simple thing, you will never know how you would truly react in a situation until you are in that situation. You can speculate all you want, but until you are there, you don’t know, and just because you may have handled something differently, doesn’t mean that the other way is wrong, it’s just different! Life is short! Don’t waste time worrying about what others are doing, worry about how you can improve yourself!


4.Ignoring your intuition or your gut feeling! If you have a feeling that something is wrong, it is! Your gut will never lie to you. Learn to follow it and you can never go wrong!

no credit


5. Buying stuff you don’t need. Learn to live within your means. If you don’t have enough money in the bank and it is not necessary, don’t buy it! If it’s something you really want, set goals with yourself to put money aside until you reach the amount that it costs. Not only will you appreciate it more, you won’t be stressed out financially just trying to keep up with the Jones’.

Need some money to help you kick start breaking these bad habits? Remember your credit cards are not the answer. Come into GOLDWISER on FM 1960 West and Cutten Rd in Houston Texas. Clean out the stuff you are not using and we will give you cash to get you back on track! We buy: anything gold, silver, platinum or palladium. This includes jewelry, gold teeth, coins, bullion, broken pieces of anything, sterling flatware, tea sets, serving platters etc. Not sure if it’s real? Bring it in anyway! We always test for free. Not sure if you want to part with that particular piece? Bring it in anyway! We will give you a quote for free with no obligation to sell. Sometimes the sentimental value is more and sometimes the money is more. We understand that!

Visit us any time Monday through Saturday 10am – 7pm.


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Courtesy to Mind Body Green for the content in this blog.

Today is World Chocolate Day!

Yes, it’s true! Today is World Chocolate Day! Although I could not locate the origination of this day, it is a great excuse to eat your most favorite chocolate treat! Why not try something new? Enjoy a few great recipes and some fun facts listed below! After reading and as you begin to crave your favorite chocolate treat, stop on by GOLDWISER on 1960 and Cutten Rd and share the wealth! I will give you cash to buy that chocolate when you bring in your old jewelry, sterling flatware, old coins and bullion! And don’t forget those gift cards or merchandise credits that you aren’t using. We can convert those to cash so that you can buy even more chocolate!


Fun Facts:
The average American consumes more than 10 pounds of chocolate every year.

Mayans and Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency!

76% of Americans say the ears of the chocolate bunnies should be eaten first.

Hershey’s produces over 80 million chocolate Kisses on a daily basis!

The English chocolate company Cadbury made the first chocolate bar in the world in 1842.

70% of the world’s cacao is grown in Africa.

It takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one pound of chocolate.

chocolate recipes


Click on the name to be linked to the recipes!

Classic Fudge Walnut Brownies -My recipes

Texas Sheet cake

Double Chocolate Ice Cream

Don’t forget to stop by GOLDWISER 6978 FM 1960 West and share these delicious treats with me! Any other recipes would be appreciated as well! Bring anything with you that you are sure or not sure is of precious metal value, we ALWAYS test for free! You can always decide if it is worth more to you sentimentally or if the money is worth more to you, no pressure! We are open Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm and always available before or after hours by appointment!

Sell Your Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Sterling Flatware, Coins and More! Houston, TX 77069

Need some extra cash for the summer? Not sure exactly how you’re going to get it? Don’t tell your friends and family that you can’t meet up with them at Splash Town, or tell your kids it’s too expensive to go to Sea World. Actually don’t come out of pocket for any of that! Instead, clean your house, I mean really clean and organize things. Put everything aside that you are not using anymore. Now that you have de-cluttered your household and have piles of stuff that you are not using, here’s what you can do to turn that stuff into cash. First off grab a bag and throw in the following: ALL jewelry that you are not wearing anymore. This includes the one earring that you can’t find the match to. Those earring backs that are in the bottom of your jewelry box. That tangled chain that you just don’t have the patience to untangle. That costume jewelry that you are looking at now and thinking “Why in the world did I spend my money on that” or that jewelry that you got from your Aunt Linda on Christmas that you told her “Thank you so much! I LOVE it!” and you have never even worn. That old class ring that you haven’t worn in years. That gold tooth that you got from Grandma that you didn’t know what to do with. etc., etc., etc.


Now go into your kitchen or China cabinet and grab that old sterling flatware that you haven’t polished since Christmas, 1988. Wait, don’t you have matching candle sticks, salt and pepper shakers and tea sets for that? DO NOT polish it. Just throw it in your bag.

Sterling-Flatware-Set sterling

Go to your piggy bank and grab those old coins you’ve been collecting since you were a kid.


Now go to your wallet and pull out all of those merchandise credits and gift cards that have been sitting there since Christmas, or was that last Christmas?


Now that you have gathered all of that useless “junk” together, let’s put it to GOOD use! Come into GOLDWISER on 1960 and Cutten Rd. It doesn’t matter if you only found 2 pieces or 2000 pieces of the above mentioned items. We will test everything for you for free and tell you the value in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium or just costume. You can determine if the amount of money you will receive is worth it or if the sentimental value is more. It’s good to know the value of your things regardless if you sell to us or not! You may just be pleasantly surprised with the amount of money you receive and be able to do more Summer activities than you anticipated!


Other options for extra cash: Take your old clothes to consignment stores or places like Plato’s Closet or Kids to Kids. Take your old movies and video games to Game Stop or similar stores.

Everything else you cannot make money on doing this, why not have a yard sale and then donate the rest?

At the end of this journey, you will not only have a clean and de-cluttered house, but you will have a head full of knowledge and a pocket full of money to do things you enjoy with your friends and family this Summer.

Once you come in to GOLDWISER and learn the value of your items, we will educate you enough to know what to look for at yard sales and thrift stores as well. It could turn into a fun part time money making hobby for yourself and your family!


Become a Treasure Hunter! Quick Cash for Things You Already Have Around Your House!

Now that Summer is finally here, I am sure there is a list of events you want to attend and things you want to do as well as projects that you want to start. And of course all require plenty of that green stuff we never seem to have enough of….CASH! You may have more money available than you think! Send the kids around the house or neighborhood garage sales to look for some of the following items, this way you don’t have to dig into your own pocket for all of the fun things you want to do this Summer!


Coins! Before you cash in that change jar, have the kiddos go through the coins! Keep a look out for the following dates:
Nickels 1942-1945: Nickels minted during these dates contain 35% silver and are worth about $1
Dimes 1964 and older: Dimes minted during these dates contain 90% silver and are worth about $1
Quarters 1964 and older: Quarters minted during these dates contain 90% silver and are worth about $2
Half Dollars 1970 and older: Half Dollars minted between 1965-1970 contain 40% silver and are worth about $2, while half dollars minted 1964 and older contain 90% silver and are worth about $5.
Silver Dollars minted 1964 and older contain 90% silver and are worth about $12-$15.


The average person does not have bullion or bars laying around, but of course that is worth it’s weight in gold and silver as well.

Silver In Jewelry and Silverware

Flatware and tea sets: If you come across any old silver flatware such as forks, spoons, or tea sets, platters, salt and pepper shakers, ice buckets, candle sticks etc. They may be worth a bit of money as well! Just look for the word STERLING or STER. It might be that old set you inherited or something you got many years ago for a wedding gift that you have yet to take out of the box or polish for its next use!




Jewelry: Not all gold and silver jewelry is marked as such, and not all marked jewelry is real! Best thing to do is gather up every piece you are not wearing or partial to anymore and bring it in! GOLDWISER will always test for free and you are never obligated to sell just because you brought it in. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you really have.

Class rings: Not all class rings are gold or silver, but if they are, they worth some money!

dental gold

Dental gold: I know it’s kind of weird, but believe it or not, a lot of people do have some laying around that never knew what to do with it! Dental gold is 16k and worth some money!

Gift cards and merchandise credits: Almost everyone has a couple around that haven’t been used. Maybe they have even been tucked in your drawer or wallet for a couple of years? Guess what? You can cash them out!


Anything else that you have found that you just weren’t quite sure if it had any precious metal value, bring it in! We encourage you to stop by and check it out!

6978 FM 1960 West @ Cutten

6978 FM 1960 West @ Cutten

Start a new hobby and check out your local garage sales! You’ll be amazed at what you can find! The more you get out there, the better you will get at identifying things of value!


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Open Monday-Saturday 10 am -7 pm.

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Today is National Eat your Veggies Day!

Yes, that’s right! Today, June 17th is National Eat Your Veggies Day! It is held every 17th of June. On this day, you are encouraged to eat vegetables for every meal, and for a snack. Here are some fun ways to enjoy vegetables and perhaps a few new recipes to try!

1) I thought this recipe looked most delicious! Why not make a pizza crust from grated cauliflower! Click here for the recipe!

cauliflower crust pizza

2)Try making spaghetti by replacing the noodles with spaghetti squash or bean sprouts. Click here.

3) Why not add broccoli in whenever you cook a pasta or rice dish!

4) Add a salad to every dish that you eat! click here for salad recipes.


5) Blend a smoothie for yourself and the kids to drink along with breakfast or as a snack. Mix with berries or other fruit and throw in some spinach! Guarantee that you will taste the fruit and not the spinach, however you will still get the benefits! Click here for some smoothie recipes.

Sometimes it is more expensive to eat healthier, so why not stop by GOLDWISER ON 1960 and Cutten Rd to get some extra cash for that grocery shopping! We will buy any jewelry, whether it’s gold, silver, platinum, palladium or even some costume jewelry! We test for free, so don’t worry about separating the real from the fake. Bring it all in. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that what you thought was just costume may have some value to it! We will also purchase coins, dental gold, class rings, sterling flatware and tea sets, gift cards, merchandise credits and much, much more! Don’t come out of your pocket to try new things! Bring us your old stuff and use that for your cash first!

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Open Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm

6978 FM 1960 West, Houston, TX 77069

Info and recipes provided from various websites. Click on the links to get the info.

Words of Advice From the Happiest People!

Ok, we all have friends or someone we look up to that seem to just be happy all of the time, or at least maintains a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances seem to be. How in the world do they do it? Well here are some words of advice from the world’s happiest people!

happy 1

* Don’t live your life trying to impress others. Really at the end of the day what matters? The fact that you are happy with your decisions or that other people like you for the moment based on their needs? When you make a decision and follow through, you exude confidence. This is actually more appealing to people, in turn they will “like you more” than if you worried about what they thought in the first place.

*Do things because you want to, not because you have to. If you find yourself “having” to do things all of the time, you may want to step back and take a second look at your life. Of course, there will always be things you must do out of necessity, but you should have fun doing what you are doing, not miserable because you have to.  If you constantly find yourself not happy, it may be time to change your job, your routine or your situation.

*Do something you were always afraid to try! Expand your comfort zone. Follow the philosophy it’s better to have lived and look back saying “I wish I wouldn’t have been so stupid as to try that” than to look back and say “I wish I would have done……..” (Of course with in reason).

*Love your friends, but don’t rely on them. Your true friends will be there for moral support no matter what you are going through. They are also there to brighten your life! At the end of the day though, the only person you will have by your side til the day you die is YOU!

happy 2

*Live in the moment, but dream in the future! You are never too old to take up a new project or try something new. You always have room and time to improve yourself and your situation, so why not hold that vision in your head of where you want to be and strive to get to that point!

*Be of service to others and be generous. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give above and beyond you means.  You can be just as generous with your time and talents as you can with money. Even more so, as you can be teaching a skill for someone to benefit from long term!

happy 3

Come by and spread your happiness! We would love for you to stop by GOLDWISER ON 6978 FM 1960 West. (Close to Willowbrook Mall). We are open Monday – Saturday 10 am -7 pm and we can add to your financial happiness by purchasing some of those things that you are not using anymore! We buy any gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and jewelry. We can even buy some of your costume jewelry right now! We also purchase sterling flatware and tea sets. Clean out your wallet or purse and sell us those unused gift cards and merchandise credits as well!

money happy

8 Interesting Facts About Gold and Silver

Ever wondered the history behind your jewelry? Here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know:

1) A total of eighty-eight thousand tons of gold have been extracted from earth, enough to fill about 3 Olympic size swimming pools. Sixty-six per cent of that is said to have been mined since 1950 and 75% since 1910.

2)After gold has been mined, approximately 63% is used in jewelry, 21% as coins, 15% in some kind of industrial use including electronics, and the other 1% in dental.

scrapgold bars

3)Latest figures from the US Geological Society reported Global Gold Reserves as 51,000 tonnes in January 2011.

4)Approximately a third of the gold on the market at any one time is recycled. A five year average between 2005 and 2010 saw recycled gold take up 35% of the gold available.

5)Gold is mined across all continents apart from Antarctica. The three largest producers of gold, responsible for nearly one third of production combined, are China, the USA and Australia.

6)The biggest gold nugget that has ever been found weighed approximately 90 kilogram and was unearthed in Australia.

silver coins

7)Silver has been coined to use as money since 700 BC.

8)Of all the metals in existence, silver is the best conductor of electricity.

We are always looking for other interesting information on gold, silver or anything really! If you have knowledge you would like to share with us on this subject or any other area of expertise, stop by and share! GOLDWISER 6978 FM 1960 West, Houston, TX 77069. While you’re here, bring us any jewelry, costume, gold, silver, platinum or palladium. We will test it all for free and even buy some of your costume jewelry! We also buy sterling flatware, tea sets, pitchers, etc. Silver, gold and platinum coins and bullion, gift cards and merchandise credits. We test everything in front of you and walk you through the process so that you can learn how to test metals yourself! Stop by today and get cash for your old things to use for something fun this summer!

gold and silver bars



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